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International Students

Welcome to the mentor program

What is the mentor program?

The start at another university and especially in another country can be very tricky. Not only the lectures and the way of learning are often different but also the culture, the people and of course the language. The mentor program wants to make the start a little easier for you. Therefore, you get a personal mentor who can answer most of your questions. The mentors are German students who have already studied in Tübingen for several semesters and mabye made an exchange themselves. They often know how it is like to be an international student and at the same time they are familiar with the university, the faculty and the town. They are happy to share their experiences with you and help you with any of your problems - for example: Where do I need to go if I have problems with my computer or with the administration? What do professors and the university expect from you in Tübingen? How can I look for a certain book in the library? How does an exam in German law look like? But the mentors can not help you studying. Often, your mentors have not even been to the same classes and lectures and do not know anything about their subjects. Primary, studying is your personal obligation in Germany. If you need help with learning, you need ask your class mates or your professor.

How do I apply for a mentor?

Klick here to get to the application. It is going to be unlocked on April 16, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. For the application login with your student ID (for example zxnus49) and your passwort on top left corner. Scroll down until you see "Mentors for International Students". The list shows you the mentors with the place, date and time of their first meeting. You can simply register for one. Most of the time you just get to know each other on the first meeting. Often you will go to a bar or restaurant which depends on the mentor. But of course you can already ask all the questions that you have. After that there are no frequent meetings during the semester. But your mentor will be happy to help you with your problems and meet up with you anytime


Do you have question or did you miss the application?

If you have questions or advices for things we could do better or if you missed the application, you can contact us anytime. Just write us an email and we will answer you soon.

Your mentor program organisation team
Denise, Jeanine, Max und Sven