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Information in English


The Law Faculty at the University of Tübingen has conferred the “Master of Laws” degree on international graduates for more than 25 years. The LL.M. program enables law graduates from outside Germany to obtain sound knowledge in a field of German law of their choosing. Professors and lecturers with hands-on experience ensure that the training combines high academic standards with practical relevance.


Participants write their Master’s Degree in German, thereby learning how German lawyers work and think as well as the methods of academic work. The LL.M. degree therefore forms an ideal basis for doctoral studies.


The LL.M. study program at the University of Tübingen commences each winter semester and takes 10 months to complete. It takes place completely in German. Participants attend regular classes with German students. In this way they learn legal German and are integrated into University life from day one.

Each semester, participants attend basic courses in one of the three major legal fields – private, criminal, or public law – and learn the foundations of that particular branch of the law.


Parallel to these specialist studies, there are additional choices and the option of further individual specialization. Participants may choose between several areas of specialization and attend classes in those areas. And they choose their own topic for their Master’s thesis – in consultation with a Professor as academic counselor.


There is an LL.M. seminar each week for participants in the program. Experienced lecturers prepare students for the demands of studying in Germany and teach the skills necessary for writing a Master’s thesis. We limit the number of places in this study program to 15 each year so as to ensure high-quality mentoring.


The LL.M. study program has been developed as a one-year, full-time course and the volume of material to be covered reflects this. For this reason it is not suitable for part-time study while working. Along with a good knowledge of German and interest in German law, participants must also be committed and able to work independently.




Applicants must have completed a degree in Law outside Germany. This course of study must have comprised at least 8 semesters and included the fields of private law, criminal law, and public law.


This study program also requires good knowledge of the German language – all classes are held in German. Language competence can be documented by recognized exams (DSH-2 or TestDaF in which all sections mus be passed at level 4).


Only 15 places are available annually. We therefore make a selection of suitable applicants.


You can find comprehensive, current information on the University of Tübingen LL.M. course on our home page (in German): http://www.jura.uni-tuebingen.de/studium/llm.