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Prof. Dr. von Bernstorff

Fabian Duessel



  • E-mail: fabian.duessel@uni-tuebingen.de
  • Tel: 07071/29-78138
  • Room: 147.1



  • University of Tuebingen (LL.M. Laws)
  • University of Hagen (M.A. Governance)
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LL.B. Laws)



  • Fluent: German, Mandarin, English
  • Intermediate: French



  • “Human rights in the British constitution: A prisoner of history?”, 2017: 2 University of Illinois Law Review (forthcoming).
  • "The UK and Europe: Constitutional causes of EU-Brexit and discomfort with the ECHR", 2017: Dongguk Law Review (forthcoming).


Presentations and conference contributions

  • Discussant focusing on the judicialization of politics, at the Round Table Talk "Korean Politics Today. Ideology and Political Competitions". Tübingen Korean Studies Lectures, University of Tuebingen: 8 February 2017.
  • "Brexit: Constitutional causes and consequences", presentation at Meiji University, Tokyo: 13 October 2016.
  • "War powers and the constitution: The German experience", presentation at the Institute of Comparative Law, Waseda University, Tokyo: 11 October 2016.
  • "Another Brexit? The future of regional human rights protection in Europe", presentation at the Constitutional Research Institute, Constitutional Court of Korea, Seoul: 5 October 2016.
  • "Europe and the UK: Constitutional causes for EU-Brexit and discomfort with the ECtHR", presentation at the Asia Pacific Law Institute, Seoul National University: 4 October 2016.
  • "Freedom of religion revisited: Relevant British and ECtHR case law", presentation at the Korean Public Law Association ECHR Study Group, Seoul: 29 September 2016.
  • "British dissatisfaction with the ECHR: Reflections for an Asian Context?", presentation at the International Workshop on Bills of Rights and Regional Institutions: Comparative and Transnational Perspectives on European and East Asian Cases, University of Tuebingen: 18 June 2016.
  • “Human rights in the British constitution: A prisoner of history?”, paper presented at the Conference on Constitutional History: Comparative Perspectives, at the University of Illinois, Chicago: 13 April 2016.
  • "Hersch Lauterpacht’s 'An International Bill of the Rights of Man' and its relevance for a future Asian human rights mechanism", presentation at the U.S.-Asia Law Institute, New York University School of Law: 7 April 2016.
  • “Adjudicating separation of powers: Lessons from the European Court of Human Rights for a future Asian human rights mechanism?”, paper presented with Dr. Seokmin Lee at the 6th Asian Constitutional Law Forum, at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies, National University of Singapore: 11 December 2015.
  • “Constitutional concerns over the ECB’s OMT programme”, graduate presentation at the 2013 Europaeum Annual Conference, at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne: 13 June 2013.



  • "The ‘unwritten’ British constitution", University of Tuebingen.Taught in English. Please sign up to the class via the Faculty of Law's online course list. Course materials will be available via ILIAS. You will need your university login details to access the ILIAS system. Joining the course on ILIAS requires a specific course password, which will be issued in the first class. This course meets the requirements of § 9 Abs. 1 Nr. 3 JAPrO 2002 ("fremdsprachige rechtswissenschaftliche Veranstaltung"): http://www.jura.uni-tuebingen.de/studium/flv. Currently the course is not on offer due to Fabian Duessel's current employment at the Constitutional Court of Korea in Seoul.
  • "International human rights law", visiting scholar at National Taiwan University. Taught in English. Intensive course on international human rights law. 22 March - 13 April 2014: Conducted jointly with Prof. Jau-Yuan Hwang. 23 March - 10 April 2015: Conducted jointly with Prof. von Bernstorff.


Research interests

  • Comparative constitutional law
  • Human rights
  • International organisations
  • Global governance