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Prof. Dr. Stefan Thomas

Fundamental Texts on Law and the Political Economy

WS 2015/2016 - Lektüreseminar

Leitung: Prof. von Bernstorff und Prof. Thomas

The seminar will be held on Friday 29 January in ÜR 22 Alte Archäologie from 8 am - 1 pm.


The submission date for the paper will be the 16th of December 2015.

Please print it twice and submit both copies in room 147.1 (LS von Bernstorff) in the afternoon (2pm-5pm).

Your paper should contain:

1. a cover sheet

2. a table of contents

3. a bibliography

4. a written composition of your topic (around 10-15 pages)

5. an assurance that you have independently produced your work and have always marked quotations as such (+ signature)

Please contact Ms Laura Cardinale if you have any further questions: