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Dr. Frank Maurer

Readings for 11.30. Class

Marbury v Madison excerpts and the US Constitution. Please just skim the Constitution except for the first 4 Articles, which should be read more closely.
File Marbury v. Madison (if not reading it in the textbook you can download it here)
Please print out the comments (Kommentar) using Include Comments (Kommentar zusammenfassen) during printing. If you can set the printer to use color instead of black and white, then the highlights for the selected reading can probably also be printed out. Otherwise, you may need to use a highlighter to do it yourself. The highlights start at *137 (on page 8), but I would recommend printing pages 1, 7 - 8, 21 - 22, 29 - 34, 38 - 45.
File My comments to particular parts of the Marbury opinion
These are the same comments embedded in the pdf of the opinion. „Seite“ is the page where the comment is found in the pdf.