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Dr. Frank Maurer

Reading Assignments

Look here for the reading assignment for the next class!
File US Constitution-Articles
The Constitution consists of 7 Articles and 27 Amendments.
File US Constitution-Amendments
The Constitution consists of 7 Articles and 27 Amendments.
Reading for 10.12. Class
Reading for the first day of class and part of the second day of class. Domino’s Pizza v. McDonald, 546 U.S. 470, 472-477, 480 (2006). Please print the whole opinion, but read the pages *472-477 and *480 only. The opinion can either be downloaded from the course website or from Westlaw International on the law library’s page http://www.jura.uni-tuebingen.de/einrichtungen/js // Or // Abernathy textbook, pages 2 - 11 & page 12 paragraph 10. /// NOTE The law library’s copy of the textbook has not yet arrived. If you cannot locate a copy of the book, please obtain the case either by downloading it from this site or from Westlaw International on the law library’s page.
File Reading for 11.16. Class
Patterson v. McLean Credit Union, 491 U.S. 164, 168–182, 188-89, 209-211, 109 S.Ct. 2363 (1989). (OR Abernathy textbook, pp. 19 – 24 & Notes 1, 6, 7) OPTIONAL Here are some decent examples I found on-line the „IRAC“ method we discussed in class last time. Note that these are extremely simple examples, but they show how the method is employed. http://www.csun.edu/sites/default/files/IRAC%20ANALYSIS_Saunders.pdf (in the context of a lawschool exam) http://www.csun.edu/~kkd61657/brief.pdf (in the context of „briefing“ a case in preparation for class) Here is an alternate example for briefing a case that is a little more complex: http://www.cengage.com/resource_uploads/downloads/0324595743_156000.pdf
File Reading for 11.23. Class (2 readings!)
Li v. Yellow Cab Co., 13 Cal. 3d 804 (1975). Textbook pages 40-43 or the Westlaw version (highlighted portions of pages 5 - 34 only) available for download here ***AND*** Articles I, II, III & IV of the US Constitution
Readings for 11.30. Class
Marbury v Madison excerpts and the US Constitution. Please just skim the Constitution except for the first 4 Articles, which should be read more closely.
File Reading for 07.12. Class
Griswold v. Connecticut. Only the highlighted portions are assigned.
Reading for 14.12. Class
New York Times v. Sullivan. Only the highlighted portions are assigned.
No reading assignment for 11 January 2016 class
File Reading for 18.01.2016, Lecture 10
FRCP 1-18, abridged
File Reading for 25.01.2016 Class
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules 26-37 (especially 26 and 37)
File Reading for 1 Feb 2016 Class
A few more Federal Rules of Civil Procedure--read Rule 56 if nothing else!
No new reading assignment for 8 Feb 2016