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Prof. Dr. Jörg Eisele


German-Columbian Seminar of 9th June 2016

German-Columbian Seminar of 27th June 2014

Topic: New media, old freedoms

This year again, the criminal law part of the cooperation program between Tübingen University, Konstanz University and the Universidad Santo Tomás (Bogotá), that yet goes back about 15 years, took place at the Law Faculty in Tübingen. The public law part of the cooperation is still supervised by Prof. Dr. Martin Ibler (Konstanz), the criminal law part by Prof. Dr. Jörg Eisele (Tübingen).

On 27th of June 2014, the seminar day in Tübingen, i.a. two Colombian participants of the seminar held their presentations on the base of this year's general topic of the seminar: "New media, old freedoms". Diana Carolina Sanabria Ramírez spoke about "Cyber ​​Bullying: A new challenge for the Colombian criminal law." And Eliana García Castaño presented "Los Límites en el Ordenamiento Jurídico Colombiano a la Interceptación de Comunicaciones" ("The limits of the Colombian law concerning communication monitoring"). The seminar was rounded off with lively discussions on the lecture topics and, in the afternoon, with a lunch right beside the river Neckar, a punt tour ("Stocherkahn-Fahrt") on the river Neckar and, afterwards, a little sunny walking tour of the Old Town of Tübingen.




German-Columbian Seminar of 6th June 2014

Topic: Business and Government

As part of a intercultural law seminar, supervised by Prof. Dr. Martin Ibler, Prof. Dr. Dieter Lorenz (both University of Konstanz) and Prof. Dr. Jörg Eisele (University of Tübingen) together with the University of Santo Tomás Bogotá (Colombia), the criminal law part of the seminar was carried out at the Faculty of Law in Tübingen. The participants gave a lecture about several topics such as: "Colusión en la contratación pública en Colombia" and "La regulación penal del mercado de valores colombiano a la luz del caso 'interbola'". The lectures were part of this year's seminar topic: "Business and Government". The cooperation with the Universidad Santo Tomás already exists for many years and has overall the aim to strengthen the legal exchange among (LL.M.-) students and graduates from the both two countries.

After the seminar program in the morning a punt tour ("Stocherkahn-Fahrt") and a walking tour of the old town of Tübingen took place accompanied by warm and sunny weather.